Stop the Repression in Egypt!

Solidarity with the Libertarian Socialist Movement!

Support the Egyptian People!!

Stop the Repression in Egypt!Last Sunday, January 21, several political activists were arrested after the riots provoked by the police in front of the Alexandria court of justice. Among them are four members of the Libertarian Socialist Movement, a member of the Revolutionary Socialist organization (Trotskyist) and 16 other unaffiliated. All are activists who fight against the reactionary regime of the Muslim Brotherhood. After January 21, the defendants were wrongfully imprisoned for twenty days. Today, they are released on bail, except the Trotskyist militant, and they all still awaiting trial.

This sentence is not a coincidence: these activists are deeply involved in union and neighbourhood mobilization, and they are fierce opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood. This happens in a context in which the police have shown, for the last few months, great brutality against the protesters and demonstrators. Besides, all the political activists are followed, receive anonymous threats and are harassed. Proof of this is the raid against political activists who distributed leaflets in the streets of Alexandria a few days after the events of January 21.

The accession to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, after the fall of Mubarak, does not bring the winds of change, as would have thought those who believed that after Mubarak everything would be fine. The Islamist government demonstrated a paranoid absolutism, under the watchful eye of the military. Their political project is the liquidation of political opposition, starting with the most radical elements, especially as this objective is facilitated by the silence of the associations defending human rights and that of the opposition parties. Given the explosive social context and the protest movement that is strengthening and radicalizing within the population, the government of the Muslim Brotherhood does its best for the repression and the abuses that follow be dealt with in the shade, so that the great powers of the European Union do not marginalize it even more.

President Morsi leads a tyrannical and dictatorial policy and claims to be legitimately acting this way, although hardly more than 25% of the Egyptians voted for him in the Egyptian presidential election marked by nearly 50% abstention.

Therefore, we support the Egyptian youth and workers who rise up every day more numerous against this obscurantist, reactionary regime, which serves the interests of the Egyptian bourgeoisie.

We condemn the arrests and torture which the opponents to Morsi’s regime are submitted to. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of the 21 accused of Alexandria, as well as of all political prisoners held in Egyptian gaols.

For the immediate release and for the immediate cessation of proceedings against all the political prisoners in Egypt!


Sunday, February 24 at 3:00 p.m.



Alternative Libertaire
Fédération Anarchiste
Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes
Mouvement Désobéissance (Tunisie)