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Inside the Zimbabwean Uprising

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Anti-Robert Mugabe protesters in Harare, Zimbabwe
Anti-Robert Mugabe protesters in Harare, Zimbabwe

A year and half ahead of the 2018 general elections, the poor and working people of Zimbabwe are up in arms against President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his ZANU-PF regime which has been in power for 36 years. In the last 3 months Zimbabwe has been shaken by protest actions of workers, informal traders, commuter omnibus operators, and unemployed youths. These actions have occurred at a time when the country is experiencing a liquidity crisis and the ruling party structures are crumbling from within as liberation war veterans, once Mugabe’s staunch loyalists, break ranks from the regime. Meanwhile, the opposition political parties (a myriad of MDC splinter groups and two ZANU-PF splinter groups) are in talks to form a coalition party. The regime has since stepped up its repressive measures in a bid to squash dissent.

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Photos: Anarchist presence at various events [other ]

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Photos: Anarchist presence at various solidarity actions

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Photos: Motsoaledi squatter camp, a ZACF-PMCP anarchist project

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Redone ZACF Position Paper pamphlets

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The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation in the Class Struggle

Friends and comrades,

The PDF pamphlets of the ZACF’s Position Papers have just been redone with a new and modern layout.  We invite all those interested to download them from the links on the Theoretical Positions of the ZACF page.

The texts that are republished in the new PDF pamphlets have minor corrections, but otherwise remain virtually unchanged from the originals.

Yours in the struggle,
the ZACF