Educating: groups, workshops

In construction: an archive of workbooks for political schools, programmes for reading groups, and related materials.

Part 1: Modules for the Anarchist Political School (APS)

  • Introduction: What is Anarchism? Get it HERE
  • Module 1: Anarchism and Class Struggle:Why Anarchists Oppose Capitalism, the State, with the Struggle of the Popular Classes. Get it HERE
  • Module 2: Race and National Liberation: From Apartheid to Neo-Liberalism: The Black Working Class. Get it HERE
  • Module 3: Anarchism and Strategy: Revolution, Counterpower, Counterculture and Problems of Organisation. Get it HERE
  • Module 4: Anarchism & Its Rivals Part 1: Why Anarchists Oppose Nationalism, and the ANC. Get it HERE
  • Module 5: Anarchism & Its Rivals Part 2: Why Anarchists oppose Marxism, the SACP, Trotskyism and Social Democracy. Get it HERE

Part 2:  Reading programme for “Inkululeko” reading groups at Wits

Coming soon

Part 3:  Reading programme for Left reading group at Makhanda

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Part 4: Materials on organising and educating (various sources: we do not necessarily endorse every argument or statement):

  • How to organise: Inkululeko Anarchist Collective / ZACF (2012): SKILLS DAY # 2 KIT: On organising.  Get it HERE
  • How to organise: Series on “Building Organisations” from New Nation weekly (South Africa), 1991. Get it HERE
  • How to organise neighbourhoods: United Democratic Front (UDF, South Africa) campaigns manual (ca. 1984): section on How we are Struggling: The Methods. Includes campaign planning and mapping, setting up teams, how to approach people, team discipline and self-discipline. Get it HERE
  • How to organise unions: Marie Daniel, South African Multinational Corporations in Africa: Bargaining with Multinationals. Get it HERE
  • How to organise unions: extracts from South African Congress of Trade Unions, ca. 1986, Organise or Starve: A Trade Union Handbook. Get it HERE
  • How to organise unions: National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) guidelines for shop-stewards and worker-controlled unions. Get it HERE
  •  NUMS
  • How to organise unions: Workers World Media (Cape Town), 2017, Basic Shopstewards Training Manual. Get it HERE
  • How to organise unions and neighbourhoods: Workers World Media (Cape Town), 2014, Let’s Get Organised! A Handbook for Trade Union and Community Activists. Get it HERE
  • How to speak publicly (useful materials): scans from book 1979 Pulpit Speech (the examples given are all religious, but the general techniques are more widely applicable. Get it HERE
  • How to write newspaper-type articles: material from Wits Student article writing workshop, 1991.  Get it HERE
  • Thinking strategically: extracts from Ian Mann, Strategy that Works. Get it HERE.
  • Thinking strategically: extracts from Gene Sharpe, From Dictatorship to Democracy. Get it HERE.