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The following classical anarchist texts by the early founders of our movement are taken from The Anarchist Library

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Mikhail Bakunin
Mikhail Bakunin
The Works of Mikhail Bakunin
  1. Appeal to my Russian Brothers
  2. Appeal to the Slavs
  3. The Capitalist System *
  4. Equal Opportunity in Education
  5. Federalism, Socialism, Anti-Theologism
  6. Founding of the Workers’ International
  7. From the Confession to Tsar Nicholas I
  8. God and the State *
  9. The Immorality of the State
  10. Last Letters
  11. Letters to a Frenchman on the Present Crisis
  12. Letters to Herzen and Ogareff
  13. Letter to Albert Richard
  14. Letter to La Liberté
  15. Man, Society, and Freedom
  16. Marxism, Freedom and the State *
  17. National Catechism
  18. On Representative Government and Universal Suffrage
  19. On the 17th Anniversary of the Polish Insurrection of 1830
  20. On the International Workingmen’s Association and Karl Marx
  21. On the Policy of the International Workingmen’s Association
  22. On the Program of the Alliance
  23. The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State
  24. Power Corrupts the Best
  25. The Program of the International Brotherhood
  26. The Reaction in Germany From the Notebooks of a Frenchman
  27. Recollections on Marx and Engels
  28. Revolutionary Catechism
  29. The Rules and Program of the International Alliance of Socialist Democracy Founded in Geneva in October 1868
  30. Stateless Socialism: Anarchism *
  31. Statism and Anarchy
  32. To The Comrades Of The International Workingmen’s Association Of Locle And Chaux-De-Fonds
  33. What is Authority?
  34. Writings


Errico Malatesta
Errico Malatesta
The Works of Errico Malatesta
  1. About my trial: Class Struggle or Class Hatred?
  2. About the Platform
  3. Against the Constituent Assembly as Against the Dictatorship
  4. Anarchism and Organization
  5. Anarchist Propaganda
  6. The Anarchist Revolution
  7. The Anarchists in the Present Time
  8. Anarchists, the War and Their Principles
  9. Anarchy
  10. Anarchy and Organization: The Debate at the 1907 International Anarchist Congress
  11. Democracy and Anarchy
  12. Further thoughts on the question of crime
  13. The Idea of Good Government
  14. A Little Theory
  15. Majorities and Minorities
  16. Mutual Aid: An Essay
  17. Neither Democrats, nor Dictators: Anarchists
  18. Note on Medicine and Anarchism
  19. Note to the article “Individualism and Anarchism” by Adamas
  20. On Syndicalism
  21. Reformism
  22. The Revolutionary “Haste”
  23. Revolution in Practice
  24. A Talk About Anarchist Communism Between Two Workers
  25. Towards Anarchism
  26. The Tragic Bandits
  27. What is to be done?


Piotr Kropotkin
Piotr Kropotkin
The Works of Piotr Kropotkin
  1. Advice to Those About to Emigrate
  2. “Anarchism” from the Encyclopaedia Britannica
  3. Anarchism: its philosophy and ideal
  4. Anarchist Communism: Its Basis and Principles
  5. Anarchist Morality
  6. An Appeal to the Young
  7. Brain Work and Manual Work
  8. The Coming Anarchy
  9. The Commune of Paris
  10. Communism and Anarchy
  11. The Conquest of Bread
  12. The Direct Action of Environment and Evolution
  13. Ethics: Origin and Development
  14. Expropriation
  15. Fields, Factories and Workshops: or Industry Combined with Agriculture and Brain Work with Manual Work
  16. Finland: A Rising Nationality
  17. The Great French Revolution 1789–1793
  18. Ideals and Realities in Russian Literature
  19. Law and Authority
  20. Letter To Lenin
  21. Memoirs of a Revolutionist
  22. Modern Science and Anarchism
  23. Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
  24. On Order
  25. Organised Vengeance Called “Justice”
  26. The Place of Anarchism in Socialistic Evolution
  27. Proposed Communist Settlement: A New Colony for Tyneside or Wearside
  28. Revolutionary Government
  29. The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Government: Letter to the Workers of Western Europe
  30. The Spirit of Revolt
  31. The State: Its Historic Role
  32. The Wage System
  33. War!
  34. Wars and Capitalism
  35. What Geography Ought to Be


Emma Goldman
Emma Goldman
The Works of Emma Goldman
  1. Address to the International Working Men’s Association Congress
  2. Alexander Berkman’s Last Days
  3. Anarchism and Other Essays
  4. Anarchy and Organization: The Debate at the 1907 International Anarchist Congress
  5. Anarchy and the Sex Question
  6. Anarchy Defended by Anarchists
  7. Articles in the New York Times
  8. Bolsheviks Shooting Anarchists
  9. The Child and its enemies
  10. Deportation — Its Meaning and Menace: Last Message to the People of America
  11. Donald Vose: The Accursed
  12. Durruti Is Dead, Yet Living
  13. The Failure of Christianity
  14. The Individual, Society and the State
  15. Intellectual Proletarians
  16. Jealousy: Causes and a Possible Cure
  17. Light and Shadows in the Life of an Avant-Guard
  18. Living My Life
  19. Mary Wollstonecraft, Her Tragic Life and Her Passionate Struggle for Freedom
  20. Mother Earth
  21. My Disillusionment in Russia
  22. My Further Disillusionment in Russia
  23. A New Declaration of Independence
  24. On Zionism
  25. Patriotism: a menace to liberty
  26. The Philosophy of Atheism
  27. Political Persecution in Republican Spain
  28. Preparedness, the Road to Universal Slaughter
  29. Ross Winn’s Obituary
  30. Sacco and Vanzetti
  31. Samuel Gompers
  32. The Social Aspects of Birth Control
  33. The Social Importance of the Modern School
  34. Socialism: Caught in the Political Trap
  35. The Social Significance of the Modern Drama
  36. Speeches Against Conscription
  37. Syndicalism: the Modern Menace to Capitalism
  38. There Is No Communism in Russia
  39. The Tragedy at Buffalo
  40. The Tragedy of the Political Exiles
  41. Trotsky Protests Too Much
  42. An Unexpected Dash Through Spain
  43. Voltairine De Cleyre
  44. Was My Life Worth Living?
  45. What I Believe
  46. The White Slave Traffic