Archiving: older works

There is some material on our tradition at the following, and lots besides:

[Primary documents, source materials and publications related to the anarchist and syndicalist movement in Southern Africa from the 1880s onwards. The focus is on materials not readily available or scattered, rather than held on sites like ]

Also visit the following archives on the Struggle site

[An old archive, including the first websites of Zabalaza Books and the old Bikisha Media Collective, which merged into ZACF]

[The WSF was an anarchist organisation active in South Africa in the late 90’s.  It was dissolved in December 1999]

[Collected articles and documents from the South African Anarchist movement]

[South African anarchist & revolutionary syndicalist history archive]

[Part of a travel diary kept by an Irish anarchist who travelled through Africa in 2000]

[Unmoderated list for discussion about anarchism in Africa and news from African anarchist groups]

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