Why is it important to build an anarchist political organisation

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Why is it important to build an anarchist political organisationby Bongani Maponyane (TAAC)

Anarchism is a socialist ideology aiming to bring about a radical change, involving getting rid of the state and capitalism. We aim to change the current economic system that is backed up by state officials, and based on maximizing the profits of the elite few.

We the majority, are currently victims of our fate and mere pawns in ruling class economic and political games, but it does not have to stay like that. We want a world based on freedom, liberation, anti-authoritarianism and anti-statism: a world free of all forms of domination, capitalism and the state.

Sharing this ideal is one of the most important requirements for joining the anarchist movement. We want to build a non-hierarchical stateless society that will rise through a revolution, from the ground up. What we need is a free society, not a declaration of freedom but freedom from the reality of a class-divided society.

Poverty is one form of oppression by those that are “superior”: what makes that person “special” is owning the means of production, coercion or administration

We will implement anarchist ideas through democratic organisations of working class counter-power (such as trade unions and social movements) which will plan, organise and coordinate their activities from the grassroots level.

In this process the idea will be to take control of decision making, to begin running our own lives. These are fundamental aspects of anarchism that can be incorporated in the way we think, organise and rebel against our economic and political chains.

Moreover we need to build our own culture – a counter-culture challenging the ideas of capitalism and the state – through media controlled by community and worker organisations. We need our own newspapers, TV channels, and radio stations to spread our own ideas.

The requirements to join an anarchist organisation would be to have theoretical unity (everyone sharing the same understanding of the meaning of anarchism), tactical unity (a common plan), collective responsibility and lastly an understanding of federalism. By pulling in the same direction we would row the boat along a steady course, rather than being hustled by the current.

We would be able to work together in complete trust, willingness, transparency and in ethical conditions.

Altogether, this will develop into an international scheme, and will be a building block of our triumph in this revolution. Capitalism is based on two elements of state control. The main problems are physical control and ideological control, hence I mentioned that we need our own media and counter culture. These fundamental aims have logical reasons, and show the importance of the need for proper understanding when coming to the ideological perspectives of anarchism.

Thus anarchists want to build the working class organizations and consciousness from the ground level up, with the ideas of Michael Bakunin. This will include organised committees to demolish the inferiority complex our people face, with a ground-level understanding of the true situation, and a true solution, through information, communication and participation in planning, discussing and acting.

We must all be leaders, and conduct and coordinate ourselves in an anarchist way.

Within this struggle there are no leaders who will steal our victory. There is only us.