The Egyptian streets are stronger than the polling booths

The Egyptian streets are stronger than the polling boothsTwo and a half years after the ousting of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian streets have spoken again. Mohamed Morsi has been ousted after a one-year reign and four days of demonstrations on an unprecedented scale in the history of the country. The Egyptians have reminded the world that an election is not a blank cheque which leaves representatives free from all constraint. Real democracy involves control over those mandated by those giving the mandate and it would be nothing without the ability to remove those who betray their mandate. No constitution gives that power to the workers (except for some “recall referendums”, à la Chavez) – the ruling classes would be too afraid of the democratic spiral that could eventually be damaging to them. Unconcerned with constitutions, the law, the supposed “democratic legitimacy” of elections, the workers in Egypt have reclaimed their destiny through collective and revolutionary mobilization. Let our little Western bosses beware, and let workers around the world take note!

However this second revolution, with the intervention of the army in the final eviction of Morsi, has taken on the aspects of a coup. Though the military have merely confirmed a conclusion made inevitable by the people, it does give a disastrous symbolic impression. But beyond the symbol, the military are in a good position to resume authoritarian power, one similar to the regime that the people drove out two and a half years ago. As holders of a large share of the country’s wealth (35% of GDP), the military are looking forward to fully regaining control of political power, which is the guarantee of continuity of their business empire, one which does not take into account the interests of the workers.

Alternative Libertaire supports the Egyptian social movements and all progressive forces in the fight against the Islamists and the army to bring about in Egypt freedom, social equality and genuine democracy based on popular power.

Alternative Libertaire
4 July 2013