ZACF Statement of Solidarity with APF/CAWP Activists and Against Police Violence

The Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front declares its support for the Anti-Privatisation Forum and Coalition Against Water Privatisation activists who have recently been victims of police intimidation and violence.

Community members in Sebokeng have been beaten up and harassed by members of the Community Policing Forum, their wallets and cell phones stolen. After community members delivered a memorandum to the Sebokeng Police Station – one of the concerns of which was police violence against poor communities – and tried to open a case against the CPF, the very same police station responded to the activists by sending in more than 8 police vehicles and close to 200 CPF members to search the houses of APF and CAWP activists, telling them that their time had come and that they would be dealt with – forcing them to go into hiding.

We support the struggle in Boiketlong against police and CPF brutality and, although we recognise that there are times when we have little option but to go to the police, we reiterate our position that the police can never be relied upon to protect working class and poor communities and uphold the peace. On the contrary it is the role of the police, as armed agents of capital, to intimidate and harass working class and poor communities. We hold that the only way for us to protect our communities, from both anti-social crime and police aggression, is through working class solidarity and, ultimately, by working class and poor community members forming their own community or popular self-defense groups to confront crime and police violence. The police are nothing but an occupying force which, sooner or later, needs to be expelled from our communities; leaving behind liberated zones under the collective control of assemblies of community and workers councils, and protected by popular self-defense groups.

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