Redone ZACF Position Paper pamphlets

The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation in the Class Struggle

Friends and comrades,

The PDF pamphlets of the ZACF’s Position Papers have just been redone with a new and modern layout.  We invite all those interested to download them from the links on the Theoretical Positions of the ZACF page.

The texts that are republished in the new PDF pamphlets have minor corrections, but otherwise remain virtually unchanged from the originals.

Yours in the struggle,
the ZACF

Fighting for Women’s Freedom [ZACF]

Why do you women allow people to mistreat you? Because you depend on others to eat… Why don’t you have food to eat? Because the rich have stolen our property and walk over the majority of the people…

What is [the] solution? Practising Anarchism…  All women know that there is nothing more evil than money.

Everyone, become of one mind! Unite with men and completely overthrow the upper classes and the rich! Then money will be abolished…  At this time, not only will eating not require reliance on others, but the food that will be eaten will be good food, too.

He Zhen, Chinese woman Anarchist
“What Women Ought to Know about Anarchist Comunism”

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Trade Unions and Revolution [ZACF]

“It is necessary to never forget that if trade unionism does not find in libertarian communist theory a support in opportune times it will turn, whether we like it or not, to the ideology of a political statist party”.

Nestor Makhno, Peter Archinov, Ida Mett et al,
The Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists

“…according to the Syndicalist view, the trade union, the syndicate, is the unified organisation of labour and has for its purpose the defence of the interests of the producers in the existing society and the preparing for and the practical carrying out of the reconstruction of social life after the pattern of [libertarian] Socialism. It has, therefore, a double purpose…”

Rudolph Rocker,

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The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation in the Class Struggle [ZACF]

“The revolutionary collectivists [i.e. Anarchists] try to diffuse science and knowledge among the people, so that the various groups of human society, when convinced by propaganda, may organise and spontaneously combine into federations, in accordance with their natural tendencies and their real interests, but never according to a plan traced in advance and imposed upon the ignorant masses by a few ‘superior’ minds.”

Mikhail Bakunin

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Fighting and Defeating Racism [ZACF]

“What do we mean by respect for humanity? We mean the recognition of human right and human dignity in every man, of whatever race [or] colour…”

Mikhail Bakunin, 1867,
Federalism, Socialism, Anti-Theologism,

“… 5. Equal rights for all without distinction of sex or race…”

From the Pittsburg Manifesto, 1883,
founding charter of the International Working Peoples Association,
historic mass U.S. anarcho-syndicalist organisation.

“Your revolutionary duty is to stifle all nationalist persecution by dealing ruthlessly with the instigators of anti-Semitic pogroms [racist attacks]…”

Makhnovist Army and Nabat Anarchist Group,
“Workers, Peasants and Insurgents.
For the Oppressed, Against the Oppressors – Always!”

proclamation issued in 1919 during course of
Anarchist-led Ukrainian revolution, 1918-21.

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Anti-Imperialism and National Liberation [ZACF]

[In this struggle] only the workers and the peasants will go all the way to the end…

Augustino Sandino
Anarchist leader of 1927-33 armed rising
against the US occupation of Nicaragua

The division of the globe is not between Europe and the Three Continents, but between those above and those below.

Autonomous Actio
Let’s Stop the Congress: Against
the World Bank and IMF

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Class Struggle, Capitalism and the State [ZACF]

“Have you realised that there is, between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, an irreconcilable antagonism that results inevitably from their respective stations in life?… That as a result, war between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie is unavoidable, and that the only outcome can be the destruction of the latter?”

Mikhail Bakunin, 1869
“The Policy of the International”

“In the social domain all human history represents an uninterrupted chain of struggles waged by the working masses for their rights, liberty, and a better life…  The class struggle created by the enslavement of the workers and their aspirations to liberty gave birth, in the oppression, to the idea of anarchism…”

Nestor Makhno, Peter Archinov, Ida Mett et al
The Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists

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The Student Movement [ZACF]

It rests with you [the youth of the well-to-do classes] either to palter continually with your conscience, and in the end to say, one fine day: “Perish humanity, provided I can have plenty of pleasures and enjoy them to the full, so long as the people are foolish enough to let me.”

Or, once more the inevitable alternative, to take part with the [Anarchist-] Socialists and work with them for the complete transformation of society… come and place your services at the disposal of those who most need them. And remember, if you do come, that you come not as masters, but as comrades in the struggle…

The never-ceasing struggle for truth, justice and equality among the [working and poor] people, whose gratitude you will earn – what nobler career can the youth of all nations desire than this?

Peter Kropotkin,
An Appeal to The Young,
1880, various editions

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Building an Anarchist International [ZACF]

The path towards the emancipation of the workers can only be reached by the union of all the workers of the world.

Long live the workers international! Long live the free and stateless anarchist commune.

Makhnovist Army and Nabat Anarchist group, May 1919,
“Workers, Peasants and Insurgents. For the Oppressed, Against the Oppressor- Always!”,
leaflet issued in the Anarchist-led revolution in Ukraine, 1918-21.
Reproduced in Peter Archinov, History of the Makhnovist Movement, 1918-21.
1987 Freedom Press edition.

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