Greetings to the Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro (FARJ) on its 10th Anniversary


Dear comrades of the FARJ,

It is with great honour that we send greetings to you on your tenth anniversary (30th August 2013) and in commemorating ten years of militant commitment to the arduous task of building a counter-power that can advance towards libertarian socialism, to anarchy.

As an organisation that has also recently had its tenth anniversary, we know well how much effort must have gone not only in to keeping the FARJ alive, but in to the growth of its numbers and its social work and insertion. We know that, even in a democracy, the building and maintenance of an anarchist political organisation of the calibre of the FARJ is not easy, and this anniversary should therefore be recognised for what it is, not only for the FARJ, but for Carioca anarchism as well – a historic occasion which proves the commitment, responsibility and self-discipline that both defines the FARJ as an organisation and inspires others to elevate themselves to this example.

Since the first time that one of our members had the pleasure of meeting the members of the FARJ, which is nothing more than the militants that compose it, it has defined itself by the ethics and humble humility with which the members of the FARJ compose themselves. This, too, serves as incentive and inspiration for those who have had the opportunity to know and work with the FARJ.

The FARJ has not only been an inspiration for us in terms of the quality of its members and its social militancy, but also in terms of its theoretical work and contributions. The concept of concentric circles, notably, as explained in the FARJ’s programme, Social Anarchism and Organisation, has been of special importance for the ZACF, helping us to find solutions for questions that had plagued us for years.

It is an honour for the ZACF to accompany the FARJ in the difficult, but necessary  task of building the social force capable of initiating the social revolution and meting the final, decisive strike out to capitalism and the state, and all the forms of oppression and domination which both feed off and reinforce it.

May the Tiê-Sangue of Carioca anarchism fly high for another ten years, pointing the way towards our collective emancipation and the vindication of man by means of libertarian socialism and the social revolution [1].

We are proud to raise the red and black flag of social revolution shoulder to shoulder with our comrades from the FARJ, “sorry we have to, and look forward to the day when such a symbol will no longer be necessary” [2].

Yours in Struggle,

Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front


1. The Tiê-Sangue, or Brazilian Tanager, is the species of bird used by the FARJ for its  symbol. Carioca is a Brazilian Portuguese term denoting something or someone from Rio de Janeiro.

2. Howard Ehrlich, Reinventing Anarchy