Brazil: High school students show way forward for working class resistance

by Jonathan Payn (ZACF)

Published in “Workers World News”, issue 102, December 2016

"Autonomy and struggle: students and workers decide!"

“Autonomy and struggle: students and workers decide!”

In September 2016 the Brazilian government published a Provisional Measure (MP 746) outlining a reform in secondary education that would have devastating consequences for the education system, disproportionately affecting majority-black working class students.

Students responded with direct action and occupied schools in the state of Paraná, with occupations soon spreading to at least six other states. One month later 600 high schools in Paraná alone had been occupied to protest the government’s attack on public education – which comes in the context of a broader attack on the working class through a Proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC 241) that threatens to freeze public spending on health, education and social welfare until 2037.

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