Theoretical Positions of the ZACF

ZACF logoThese are the officially agreed on theoretical Position Papers of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front

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    […] Comrades from these groups had met at various actions and marches, and a decision was taken, following meetings, notably in Dlamini, to form a new Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (ZACF) on May Day 2003 to federate the existing groups and consolidate the rising movement. Influenced by the (Brazilian) especifist and (Irish) Platformist traditions, the aim was to build anarchist influence in, primarily, the unions and the new social movements. Zabalaza became the ZACF paper. The existing collectives continued to operate, although united in a federation. In theory, the ZACF was Platformist, although the reality was more complex, as people joined through existing collectives with varying approaches. It adopted extensive Position Papers, committing it to a focus on the black African working class, to anti-imperialism, to non-racialism, to fighting for gender equality and against racism and national oppression, to defense of immigrants etc., drawn from those of the WSF. These are archived at […]

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    […] Theoretical Positions of the ZACF […]

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