CSAAWU: Plea for assistance

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Help keep CSAAWU’s doors open – An injury to one is an injury to all!


Dear Comrades,

We are writing to you out of solidarity for CSAAWU, a union based amongst farmworkers in South Africa with which we have relations. In 2012/3 South African farmworkers rebelled against the deplorable conditions in the sector – for which hundreds were dismissed and victimized. CSAAWU is one of the few unions that organises in this difficult and under-represented industry. In the aftermath of the rebellion it took a decision to take up the struggle, including by defending close to 100 workers in the labour court.

Unfortunately the union lost two of the cases and has been issued with cost orders in excess of R600 000 (US$ 53 500 or EUR 43 000). This is a very high amount in South Africa, one that is potentially fatally crippling for a smaller union like CSAAWU. (Anyone needing more information can have a look at this article)

We are therefore forwarding you their plea (see below) and hope that you will consider supporting their request for help. Please also considering forwarding this to sympathetic organisations and/or publishing it widely.

Red and Black regards,


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In the rubble of US imperialism: the PKK, YPG and the Islamic State

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This article highlights how the US state created the conditions in the Middle East in which a right-wing reactionary force like the Islamic State (formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) could emerge. Along with this – and central to the article – it discusses how the US state is refusing to back the only two effective forces that are fighting the Islamic State: the Kurdish Workers’ Party and the People’s Protection Units. Indeed, this article is also written to express solidarity with the People’s Protection Units that are currently fighting a key battle against the Islamic State to hold onto the city of Kobani in Syria.

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TAAC Statement of Intent (English)

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Adopted at TAAC general meeting,
16 March 2013

Tokologo LogoA. What is the TAAC?

The Tokologo African Anarchist Collective is a loose collective of anarchists and anarchist-sympathisers who are community and worker activists. Its members function primarily as educators.

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Tokologo #3 posters

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Lucy Parsons "Never be deceived.." poster
Lucy Parsons “Never be deceived..” poster
Mikhail Bakunin's "Freedom without Socialism..." poster
Mikhail Bakunin’s “Freedom without Socialism…” poster
Pyramid of the Capitalist System poster
Pyramid of the Capitalist System poster